Two Female Suspects Arrested After Stolen Credit Card Shopping Spree


Spokane Valley Deputies responded to a report of fraudulent credit card purchases at several stores in the Spokane Valley Mall.  Deputies contacted two adult female suspects and recovered approximately $2,000 worth of fraudulently purchased items and other property believed to be stolen.  The stolen credit cards and other items, taken during an earlier vehicle prowling, were returned to the victims, who were vacationing in Spokane.


On June 21, 2024, at approximately 6:45 pm, Spokane Valley Deputies responded to reports of suspects possibly using stolen credit cards to purchase items at the Spokane Valley Mall.  The credit cards were reported as stolen during an earlier reported vehicle prowling at the Islands Trailhead (11500 E. Upriver Drive).  


When Deputies arrived in the mall parking lot, they observed two female suspects getting in a white truck, matching the descriptions provided by the victims and store employees. Deputies stopped the vehicle and detained two adult females, identified as 38-year-old Morgan L. Nelson and 41-year-old Brandy Proia.  An adult male associated with the females was also located and detained.       


As the investigation continued, Deputies contacted the two adult victims, who advised they were in Spokane from out of state, and their rental car was broken into while it was parked at the Island Trailhead.  Their purse/wallet/cash and other items, including credit cards/IDs, were stolen in the last few hours.  One of the victims advised that she had received an alert from her bank regarding fraudulent purchases at Journey at the Spokane Valley Mall.  They called the store and spoke with a helpful employee, who described the possible suspects, and the victims provided the information to 911.


Morgan was advised of her rights and declined to answer questions.  Proia was advised of her rights and agreed to answer questions.  


Proia advised deputies that she and Morgan are friends.  Today, Morgan asked if she wanted to go on a shopping spree, and she agreed but told Morgan she had no money.  Morgan agreed to pay, grabbed an American Express card from a black wallet in her purse, and handed it to Proia.  Proia admitted she should have asked questions and looked at the name on the card, but she didn’t.


Deputies identified the credit cards, purse, wallet, and other items as belonging to the victims of the earlier vehicle prowling.  After documenting the evidence, the items were returned to the victims.   


Multiple shopping bags of fraudulently obtained merchandise were recovered and returned to the victim businesses.  Additionally, Deputies identified a convenience in the 3600 block of N. Sullivan where the suspects purchased gas and $291.80 worth of cigarettes using one of the victim’s stolen cards.  


Deputies determined the suspects fraudulently purchased over $2,000 worth of merchandise and goods from multiple businesses.


Deputies did not establish probable cause to charge the adult male with a crime, and he was released.


Morgan L. Nelson and Brandy Proia were transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail, charged with Identity Theft 2nd Degree and Possession of Stolen Property 2nd Degree.   On June 22, 2024, Spokane County Superior Court Commissioner K. Stewart reviewed the weekend probable cause arrests and ordered Nelson and Proia released on their own recognizance. 


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