Felony Wanted Driver of Stolen Car, Suspected of Felony DV Assault, Flees from Deputies, Hitting Several Cars 

Spokane Valley Deputies, responding to a reported felony domestic violence call, attempted to stop a suspect vehicle.  The driver tried to evade, hitting four uninvolved vehicles during her attempt.  The suspect was taken into custody and booked into jail for a felony warrant, two new felony charges, and four misdemeanor charges.  No one was injured during this incident.  

On March 28, 2024, at approximately 3:40 pm, callers reported witnessing a female hit a male over the head with a skateboard in the area of E. Main Avenue and N. Balfour Road.  The female suspect got back into a white SUV-type vehicle, almost ran the male victim over, crashed into a sign, and left the area.  Additional callers reported the suspect’s erratic driving behavior and that she and the victim had arrived in the same car, clarified as a white Hyundai, before the felony assault occurred.  The SUV was last reported traveling north on Herold Road.  

The male was last observed near the apartment in the 10100 block of E. Main.  

Deputies, clearing a previous call near Sprague and Herold, were contacted by a witness who advised them of the incident.  While speaking with the witness, Deputies noticed a white SUV matching the described suspect vehicle facing north but parked sideways on N. Harold Road.  

As a Deputy approached the SUV in a fully marked patrol car, the driver, later identified as 22-year-old Skilah J. Peterson, accelerated north on Harold at a high rate of speed, and the rear license plate was missing from the vehicle.  

With reasonable suspicion Peterson was a felony DV Assault suspect, the Deputy activated his emergency lights and siren, advising Spokane Regional Emergency Communications (SREC) dispatch of the fleeing suspect.  
 Peterson continued trying to evade as she drove at speeds (60 mph or more), disregarded traffic signals/signs, and showed no concern for other uninvolved people in the community.  Peterson turned north on Mullan from Broadway, almost causing a collision.  On Mullan, Peterson side-swiped four vehicles as she recklessly weaved through traffic.   

The pursuing Deputy considered using a PIT maneuver but couldn’t because several vehicles failed to yield to his emergency lights/siren (pull to the right), making an attempt unsafe.  Peterson continued north before suddenly turning west on Montgomery, ignoring a red light, and nearly colliding with several more vehicles.  

Peterson quickly turned south on Hutchinson Road and continued through the intersection (Knox Ave.), ignoring a stop sign, losing control, and colliding with a parked vehicle.  Now stopped, two Deputies positioned their marked patrol cars, attempting to pin the SUV in and prevent Peterson from escaping.  

As Deputies gave commands for Peterson to stop, she chose to ignore them, yelling, “My boyfriend is going to kill me!”. 

 She tried accelerating to the front and rear to try and escape but eventually realized her attempts were futile.  She began to follow commands, and with additional Deputies arriving to assist, she was safely taken into custody.

After being advised of her rights, she agreed to answer questions.   She explained that she was arguing with her boyfriend, only identified as “Jordan,” claiming she didn’t know his last name.  He hit her car with his skateboard, and she freaked out.  She said things went overboard from there but would not elaborate on what she meant by overboard.  She denied any assault during the incident and stated the car she was driving was her friend’s.

A check of the Hyundai’s VIN showed it was reported stolen in Spokane (3/24).  A check of Peterson’s name revealed an active felony warrant for her arrest.  (Possession of a Stolen Vehicle) 

The drivers of the four vehicles that Peterson hit were contacted and uninjured.                     

Peterson was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for new charges of Attempting to Elude a Police Vehicle, Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle, and four counts of Hit and Run.

Deputies searched for the male victim, reported to have been hit in the head and almost run over by Peterson, but he was not located.  However, Deputies would like him to call in and provide a statement explaining what took place.  

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